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Gabriel Radulescu

Sales Director

Gabriel is a seasoned B2B sales professional with 15+ years of experience, known for his ability to sell diverse solutions while simultaneously leading high-performing sales teams. His adaptability and versatility have made him a sought-after asset, transcending industry boundaries.

Gabriel's unique talent lies in his capacity to effectively sell a wide range of solutions, from technology to industrial equipment, by tailoring his approach to meet clients' specific needs. Specializing in Eastern Europe, he crafts and executes strategic sales approaches that consistently yield exceptional results.

Beyond sales, Gabriel is committed to personal growth, holding certifications as a coach and a sales time management expert. He guides and mentors team members to excel in sales. In summary, Gabriel is a multifaceted professional known for his adaptability, strategic acumen, and commitment to personal and team excellence in B2B sales.

Gabriel Radulescu
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