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- Market Entry & Expansion
- Lead Generation & Management
- Sales Team Development
- Key Account & Partner Networking
- Sales Process Optimization
- Sales Analytics & Reporting

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How does the complete roadmap look?

1. Market Analysis

Approach: Conduct thorough research on the European market relevant to the client's product/service to identify potential segments and customer profiles.

Outcome: Detailed report on market opportunities and challenges.

2. Sales Strategy Development

Approach: Design a bespoke sales strategy based on the market analysis, considering the client's objectives and resources.

Outcome:  A clear sales strategy and roadmap tailored for European market entry.

3. Team Selection and Onboarding

Approach: Identify, recruit, and onboard suitable sales professionals experienced in the European tech market.

Outcome:  A dedicated sales team ready to hit the ground running.

Week 1-2

Week 3-4

Week 5-6

Week 8

Week 7

5. Product/Service Training

4. Sales Tool Integration

Approach:  Conduct intensive training sessions for the sales team on the client's product/service to ensure they can represent it effectively.

Outcome:  A sales team fully equipped with knowledge about the product/service they're selling.

Approach:  Implement and configure sales tools such as CRM systems, lead generation tools, and communication platforms tailored for the European market.

Outcome:  A streamlined sales process with integrated tools for efficiency.

Week 9-10

Week 11-14

6.  Soft Launch and Pilot Outreach

7. Full-Scale Outreach

Approach:  Initiate the first outreach to a limited audience to test the waters and refine the sales approach.

Outcome: Early feedback and insights from the European market.

Approach: Ramp up outreach efforts across all identified segments using a multi-channel approach.

Outcome:  Generation of leads and potential sales opportunities.

Week 19

Week 17-18

Week 15-16

 10. Continued Execution and Growth

 9. Strategy Refinement

Approach: With refined strategies, continue the sales efforts and explore opportunities to expand into other European regions or segments.

Approach:  Based on the insights and feedback, make necessary tweaks to the sales strategy and approach.

 8. Performance Analysis and Feedback Loop

Approach:  Assess the effectiveness of sales strategies and gather feedback from the sales team about challenges faced.

Outcome: Sustained sales growth and market penetration.

Outcome: An optimized sales process.

Outcome:  Insights into what's working and what needs adjustment.

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