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Startup & RiseUP

- Idea Validation & Refinement
- Business Plan Development
- Pitch Deck Creation
- Executive Summary Crafting
- Mentorship & Advisory
- Branding & Marketing Strategy
- Market Research & Analysis
- Digital Presence Setup
- CTO & Tech Team Onboarding
- Legal & Compliance Advisory

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How does it look the whole process?

1. Idea Validation

2. Business Model Canvas Development

3. Business Plan Generation

Approach: Engage in brainstorming sessions and industry analysis to validate the startup idea's viability.

Approach: Create a comprehensive business model canvas highlighting the startup's value proposition, channels, customer segments, and more.

Approach: Develop a detailed business plan that outlines the startup's goals, strategies, financial projections, and market analysis.

Outcome: Confirmation of the idea's potential or suggestions for pivoting.

Outcome: A clear visual representation of the startup's business model.

Outcome:  A foundational document to guide the startup's journey and attract investors.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3-4

Week 21-24

Week 7

Week 5-6

5.  Pitch Deck Creation

Approach:  Craft a compelling pitch deck that briefly presents the startup's vision, mission, and value proposition to potential investors.

4. Branding and Digital Presence

Approach: Design the startup's logo, branding materials, and establish a digital presence with a website and social media profiles.

Outcome:  A ready-to-use presentation for investor meetings.

Outcome:  A recognizable brand identity and online visibility.

Week 8-9

Week 10-12

6. Fundraising Preparation

Approach:  Train the startup team on pitching, clarify the needed funding, and identify potential investors.

Outcome: A well-prepared team and a curated list of potential investors.

7.  Market Outreach and Building Pipeline

Approach:  Launch initial marketing campaigns to build brand awareness and customer interest.

Outcome: Early traction and customer feedback.

Week 13-16

Week 17-20

 10. Post-funding Strategy and Implementation

 9. Funding Secured

Approach: Revise business strategies based on acquired funds and investor feedback. Initiate the growth plan.

Approach: Finalize investment deals legal documentation, and receive funds.

Outcome: Start of the next growth phase for the startup with clear milestones ahead.

Outcome: Financial support secured for the startup's growth.

 8. Investor Outreach

Approach: Initiate meetings with potential investors, deliver pitches, and negotiate

Outcome:  Potential investment offers and feedback from investors.

Begin with Clarity, and Exit with Success!

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