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- Digital Strategy development 
- Data Analytics

- Business Intelligence
- Automation RPA & AI solutions 

- E-commerce integration
- Digital Marketing 

- WEB solutions


How does the complete roadmap look?

1. Digital Needs Assessment

Approach: Initial consultation to gauge the client's digital presence, infrastructure, and needs.

Outcome: A report identifying gaps and opportunities in the client's digital landscape.

2. Digital Strategy Development

Approach: Create a comprehensive digital transformation strategy tailored to the client's business goals.

Outcome: A digital strategy document outlining initiatives, platforms, tools, and methodologies.

3. Technology Selection

Approach: Identify and recommend the most suitable technology platforms and tools based on the client's needs and budget.

Outcome:  A curated list of tools and platforms to be adopted.

Week 1

Week 2-3

Week 4

Week 9-11

Week 5-8

5. Digital Operations Integration

Approach:  Develop a tailored strategy addressing all areas highlighted in the deep dive analysis.

Outcome:  A comprehensive strategy document with clear steps and recommendations.

4. Website and Branding


Approach: Design and develop a responsive, user-friendly website; create/redefine the brand's digital identity.

Outcome:  A live website with integrated branding elements.

Week 12-13

Week 14-15

6. Employee Training

and Onboarding

Approach:  Conduct training sessions for the client's team on new digital tools and platforms.

Outcome: An empowered team, ready to utilize new digital tools efficiently.

7.  Digital Marketing Strategy

Approach:  Develop a comprehensive digital marketing plan – SEO, SEM, social media, email marketing, etc.

Outcome: A blueprint for online growth and visibility.

Week 20

Week 17-19

Week 16

 10. Feedback and Iteration

Approach: Collect feedback from the client and analyze the effectiveness of the digital transformation.

Outcome: Recommendations for further enhancements and optimizations.

 9. Monitoring and Analytics

Approach: Track the performance of digital initiatives using analytical tools; monitor website traffic, conversion rates, etc.

Outcome: Insights into digital performance and areas of improvement.

 8. Implementation and Go-Live

Approach: Execute the digital marketing strategy; ensure all digital platforms and tools are fully operational.

Outcome:  All digital transformation elements are active and running.

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